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General linear peptide synthesis
Service Overview
Technical background

The synthesis technology of polypeptides has important application value in drug development, bioengineering and life science research. Peptide drugs with specific functions and activities can be synthesized through peptide synthesis, such as antimicrobial peptides, anti-tumor peptides and so on. The development of polypeptide synthesis technology enables scientists to better study and utilize the biological functions of polypeptide molecules, contributing to the development of human health and life sciences.

Technical principle

The specific steps of peptide synthesis are as follows:

(1) Design the synthesis scheme according to the peptide sequence and select the appropriate amino acid protection group.

(2) Use solid-phase synthesis or liquid-phase synthesis to synthesize polypeptides. In solid phase synthesis, the first amino acid is fixed to the solid phase carrier, and then the next amino acid is added one by one, and the reaction is carried out. Liquid phase synthesis is the process of dissolving amino acids in solvents to form peptides step by step.

(3) Prepare activator to remove amino acid protective group.

(4) The steps of peptide bond formation and protective group removal are repeated until a complete polypeptide molecule is synthesized.

(5) Purification and analysis of the synthesized peptides, such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), etc.

MOTIF Technical Advantages and Successful Cases
Service features


* Modification types: up to 300+ extensive modification for conventional peptide synthesis, up to 30+ modification for Fast peptide synthesis and Rush peptide synthesis.

Motif Biotech is committed to the research and development of peptide synthesis technologies, exploring new technologies for peptide services, and has provided more than 30,000 high-quality peptides to more than 3,000 scientists around the world.

(1) Rich experience in peptide customization to ensure the maintenance of amino acid configuration and the reduction of by-products during peptide synthesis, so that the produced peptides have the best biological activity.

(2) Mature peptide purification technology, strict quality standards and high standard QC testing services to ensure that each custom peptide can be delivered in high quality.

* Delivery standards: Motif Biotech's polypeptide products are delivered in freeze-dried powder form and packaged in individual sample tubes according to customer requirements. To ensure the quality of our peptides, we also provide the following documentation and services:

(1) HPLC/MS test report

(2) COA document

(3) Technical advisory support

(4) Flexible packaging options

Success stories

At present, MOTIF has successfully synthesized sequences as follows:

(1) MD*****GD*****IK*****DD (left photo)

(2) LRK waaqs * * * * * * * * * * * * ilenrrs PRR * * * * * * * * * * * RGLT (Acetate Salt) (right photo)

image.png    image.png