The founder of Motif Biotech has 30+ years of experience in the synthesis and cGMP production of peptides and peptide-related compounds. The company specializes in production using liquid phase, solid phase and hybrid synthesis technologies. Our advanced technical team has accumulated extensive expertise in the field of peptides and is able to combine SPPS, LPPS, structural chemistry and fragment condensation to develop a wide range of complex modified peptide compounds with a success rate of up to 95+%. Our peptide production site is equipped with advanced peptide synthesis, separation and purification equipment to ensure a stable commercial production process and is the ideal commercial partner for your cGMP peptide needs.

· Advantages of Motif polypeptide synthesis

1. Cost effectiveness

Established a good cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers, under the premise of ensuring quality, you can complete the contract manufacturing at a low cost, saving your project expenses.

2. Complete product line

Supports the manufacture of a range of simple to complex peptides, including linear peptides, macrocyclic peptides, modified peptides, and complex peptide-based conjugates.

3. Quality assurance

The production line conforms to the current production quality management standards and is operated by professional personnel.

· The ability to manufacture Motif peptides

An extensive portfolio of manufacturing equipment can meet the needs of every stage of production.

1. Production facilities

(1) 1000 M2 of cGMP manufacturing space

(2) Class C clean room

(3) mg to kg cGMP production batches

(4) Production environment, health and safety management system

2. Production equipment

(1) Solid phase and liquid phase reactor (20L-100L)

(2) High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

(3) Freeze drying equipment

(4) Microwave processing equipment

(5) Multi-channel automation technology

3. Quality system

Our peptide production is carried out in strict accordance with the NMPA's cGMP guidelines and an independent quality unit has been established to conduct a comprehensive review of the production process.

4. Product testing

(1) Solubility test

(2) Purity test

(3) Molecular weight test

(4) Impurity identification

(5) Microbial limit detection

(6) Customer confidentiality, etc

(7) Analysis and verification and stability test

(8) Process transfer method verification

(9) Central control and environmental control test

5. Customer confidentiality

Motif understands the importance of intellectual property and is committed to strictly protecting the trade secrets of its customers. The company has set up a security and confidentiality system to ensure the security of information in the cooperation process. Everything is oriented to your satisfaction. If you are interested in our peptide cGMP manufacturing services, please contact us today. In addition, the custom development of peptides is quickly available at Motif Biotech.