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ADC Linker Synthesis Service

One of the biggest challenges in developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) is selecting the appropriate linker to bind the cytotoxic payload to the antibody, forming a cohesive drug molecule. The main role of linker is to maintain the stability of the ADC during its circulation in the body, ensuring that the drug molecules can reach the target cell intact. Once the ADC binds to the target cell, linker breaks off under the right conditions, releasing cytotoxic drugs that can have a therapeutic effect.

Motif ADC linker synthesis services has extensive experience, and in order to achieve selectivity and efficacy of ADCs, our linker design has the following key characteristics:

(1)High stability of transport diffusion cycle in vivo

· The linker remains stable until the drug reaches the target, preventing premature release of the Payload in vivo and thus minimizing untargeted effects.

(2)It has high water solubility to promote biological coupling

· Avoid inactivation caused by insoluble aggregates and have sufficient elimination activity for efficient release of loads at the target site.

· Helps to ensure the uniform distribution of the drug in the body, facilitates coupling and reduces the formation of inactive ADC aggregates.

(3)Effective release

· Allow efficient release of highly cytotoxic linker-payload metabolites.

(4)Easy synthesis and purification

· Advanced separation and purification equipment of Motif ensures the effectiveness and consistency of products, which can adapt to the needs of mass production.

Motif Lysable Linker Technology:

英文版默迪夫连接子 技术.png

ADC linker technology & release mechanism:

英文版默迪夫连接子 技术1.png