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A one-step service from preclinical research to commercial production

With many years of experience in the peptide industry and first-class quality standards, Motif has further expanded its service capabilities in the field of peptide CDMO, providing global peptide drug researchers with research and development services including chemical synthesis of linear peptides, cyclic peptides, peptide modifications, peptide-drug conjugate (PDC) and antibody-drug conjugate linker (ADC linker).

(1) MOTIF Flowchart of CDMO Standardization


(2) MOTIF Service Scope Flow Chart


(3) MOTIF Developed Molecule Type

· Linear peptide(<50aa)

· Cyclic peptides(<50aa)

· Peptide modification (N-terminal or side chain modification, C-terminal modification, peptide phosphorylation labeling, methylation and other alkylation modification, isotope labeling, fluorescence modification, PEG modification, peptide protein coupling, etc.)

· Antibody conjugate (ADC) chemical chain (Drug-Linker)

· Peptide conjugate (PDC)

(4) MOTIF Production Equipment

· Solid phase synthesis: 5/10/20L peptide synthesizer

· HPLC: DAC 50/200/300mm columns

· Rotary evaporator 4/20L glass bottles

· Freeze-dryer machine: bottle type, flat type (1/2/3m² ) multiple sets