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In the early stages of peptide drug development, peptide drug development companies often use the FTE model to commission research and development companies to synthesize the required peptide structural fragments and/or potential candidate compounds to accelerate the process of peptide drug screening. Motif offers a full-time service in the development of peptide compounds, covering all phases of the project requirements, and customers can work with us through either FFS (Fee for services) or FTE (Full time equivalent) models.

Motif has a full-time R&D and project management team, which can configure different proportions of R&D personnel with master’s or undergraduate degrees to form a joint R&D team with customers according to customer requirements, efficiently solve the technical problems of their R&D projects, and provide customers with regular project progress reports and project exchange meetings.

· Depending on the different stages of peptide drug development, Motif Peptide FTE team can provide the following services:

(1)Generation and optimization of peptide seedling compounds

(2)Determination and optimization of lead compounds of peptides

(3)Scale up peptide lead compounds

(4)Research on process development of peptide

(5)Quality research of peptide compounds

(6)Study on the stability of peptide compounds

· The service advantages of Motif Peptides FTE

(1)Efficient communication management

Peptide research and development department in the process of research and development problems will be timely communication with customers, and put forward a variety of solutions to solve the problem.

(2)Flexible design scheme

The FTE team in Motif can not only synthesize according to the synthetic circuit designed by the customer, but also reasonably design the synthetic circuit according to the customer's concept.

(3)Rigorous R&D process

Based on the flexible adjustment of project requirements, the project progress is clear and controllable, providing exclusive peptide synthesis, purification, freeze-drying, design and problem solving solutions.

· The service scope of Motif Peptides FTE

(1)peptide drug synthesis

(2)peptide drug purification, freeze-drying

(3)peptide drug quality analysis