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PDC Drug Synthesis Services

(1) Motif Biotech can design PDC types of molecules

· Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), cell-targeting peptides (CPTs), self-assembling peptides (SAPs), tumor-homing peptides and reactive-group containing peptides.

(2) Advantages of PDC drug synthesis

· The smaller size of the molecule makes it a higher drug carrying capacity, and it is easier to penetrate the tumor stroma and penetrate deep into the tumor cells, thus delivering drugs more effectively.

· It is highly biodegradable, which means that it does not cause immunogenic reactions in the body, increasing the safety of treatment.

· Some targeted peptides can eliminate drug resistance of tumor cells by changing the cell entry mechanism of drugs, and achieve effective killing of drug-resistant tumors.

· The short peptide characteristic of PDC makes its structure more flexible and convenient for modification and coupling operation.

· The production process of the fragment is relatively simple and easy to achieve large-scale production.

(3)Advantages of Motif PDC drug synthesis