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Neoantigen polypeptide vaccine service for tumors

At present, the most important treatment methods for tumor are surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy, but these treatment methods have different limitations, the overall treatment effect is poor, and the long-term survival rate of patients is low.

Neoantigens are specific antigens produced by genetic mutations in cancer cells that activate T cells to produce an immune response, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. Because T cells that can recognize neoantigens in the body are relatively rare, and tumor cells escape the killing of specific T cells through immune escape mechanism, people can synthesize these mutated peptides through synthetic technology in vitro, and then inject them into patients to stimulate a large number of T cells that can recognize these neoantigens in the body. Thus, the purpose of specifically killing tumor cells carrying such neoantigens is achieved, and the occurrence of side effects is avoided.

(1)Professional warranty

·Ensure effective communication and collaboration with customers from project negotiation to delivery

·Ensure batch to batch stability and reliability

·Ensure delivery time can be as short as 10 days

(2)Quality control  According to customer requirements, Motif offers:

· Molecular weight (MS)    · Purity (HPLC, UPLC)    · Amino acid analysis    · Solubility test    · Nuclear magnetic resonance    · Moisture content    · Dissolution residue determination    · Stability test   · Peptide content    · Salt content    · Elemental analysis

(3)Technological advantages

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