Suzhou Motif Biotech Co., Ltd. is situated in the Suzhou High-tech Zone (Huqiu District), serving as an innovative bioscience firm dedicated to the research, development, and production of peptide-related products. Established in 2021, the company commenced its research and manufacturing operations in March 2023.

With peptide technology at its core, the company is committed to becoming a global leading peptide CRDMO enterprise integrating peptide research, process development and API production.

Till the beginning of 2024, Motif Biotech had invested approximately 100 million yuan in its research and development (R&D). Spanning across an area of approximately 4,300 square meters, Suzhou Motif Biotech features over a hundred R&D laboratories, with a planned annual peptide production capacity of 30 kilograms. Furthermore, the company has instituted a GMP workshop covering approximately 800 square meters, meticulously adhering to the guidelines outlined in ICHQ7. The production and quality standards of its peptide drugs comply with the regulations of the FDA, EMA, and NMPA.

Leveraging decades of experience in peptide synthesis, Motif Biotech is able to produce over 95% of peptide drugs available in the market. This is achieved through a comprehensive process involving peptide drug design and screening, followed by modification, and optimization. The contract research organization (CRO) and contract development and manufacture organization (CDMO) divisions at Motif Biotech deliver high-quality services with efficiency and competitive pricing.

The integrated CRDMO (CRO/CDMO) platform at Motif Biotech offers customized services for peptide drugs, spanning from early drug discovery to preclinical research and clinical trial sample production. Employing solid-phase, liquid-phase, and solid/ liquid-phase synthesis techniques, the company produces bioactive peptides tailored for various applications and sizes. Motif Biotech is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the efficiency of peptide drug R&D for its global client, encompassing both innovative and generic solutions.

At Motif, we believe the core values of "Successful customers, successful employees, successful company". The projected production capacity of its R&D operations is anticipated to exceed 100 kilograms. Looking ahead, Motif aims to expand its industrial CRDMO footprint by leveraging peptide technology licenses for peptide–drug conjugates (PDC), antibody–drug conjugates (ADC), and nucleic acid–drug conjugate, thereby solidifying its position as a leading global company in the peptide CRDMO setting.

Technical platform
Peptide drug design and screening platform, peptide drug coupling platform, long-acting peptide modification and optimization platform
Technical advantages

Overcome technical bottlenecks in the development of a number of peptides, and help customers enhance the drug resistance and stability of candidate compounds.

It integrates the international advanced solid phase and liquid phase synthesis technology of polypeptide

Professional support

SPPS、LPPS、Fragment condensation、Native chemical ligation

Meet commonly used amino protecting groups(Boc,Fmoc,Cbz)

Adopt innovative purification and separation technology

Complete small-scale, pilot-scale and scale-up R&D capabilities to ensure high-quality commercial production of peptides

A process that enables complex brain sequencing and brain modification in scale-up production

One-stop service

Drug Screening (SAR)

Preclinical Research (CMC)

Provide clinical samples and registration support

Multiple API supply